Monday, 22 September 2014

Still Scavenging ..

Doubt I’ll get everything done this round (or use the substitute for one instead of it counting as an extra).

I’m down with sinusitis, and for next year I have to figure out a better way to have the “photos to take” list better at hand. Reminder on the phone per day maybe? Who knows …

1. A sign welcoming people to your home town (or a nearby town)

2. A garden gnome

3. Birds on a wire

4. A group of tourists

5. A rack of post cards

6. An urban street scene

7. A rural landscape

8. A tattoo on a person

(that might be a substitute needed… can’t just take a photo at the gym of strangers’ tattoos!!)

9. A bakery

While at home we’re not going to bakeries … and I don’t really count Gregg’s as bakery (and we don’t go there either). So this is a photo of the bakery inside Tesco (courtesy of hubby while I was resting up).
Funnily enough… when visiting my family in Germany we’re frequently going to bakeries… Winking smile 

10. A photo bomb (someone found lurking in the background of photo; the lurker may have intended to disrupt the picture or may be doing it unintentionally, but the background lurker is a surprise to the photographer)

Mmmmmh… another one I doubt I’ll get… Surprised smile 

11. A horn
A Rhino at Edinburgh Zoo – again, courtesy of hubby and the girls yesterday.

12. A mascot
2014-08-12 21.58.43
Underbelly Edinburgh is part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Underbelly is situated in Bristo Square (University of Edinburgh Campus effectively). The “Udderbelly” is the (one could say) mascot of the Underbelly – it’s an upside down purple cow (huge inflatable).

Here’s a photo of it in better light … NOT TAKEN BY ME.

13. A sunrise
Will have to try that tomorrow morning… with the current weather there might be nothing to see, but I will try my best…

14. A parade

15. A juggler

16. A sign in a language other than English

17. A lamp post

18. A water fall
about to get that today after picking up the girls from nursery

19. A public garden
another one to be done after nursery today. Smile 

20. A bus (not a car, truck, lorry, camper or RV) with a picture painted on its sides.

21. A photograph of you with something representing the season (recognizing that the season will be Winter for our friends in the southern hemisphere). Note: you may not use a substitute for this item.

Mmmmh… will have to ask hubby to take a photo today I’d say…

If you find something on the list too difficult, you may substitute one of the following items for anything on the list, except for Item #21:

Alternative A: A kite, hot air balloon or blimp

Alternative B: A bird house

So, even with the substitutes I think I may have some photos missing… arrrgghhh!! Ah well, there’s always next year… Winking smile

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Maria Ontiveros said...

Okay, underbelly totally made me laugh! I think it's the largest mascot I've seen! Thanks for playing along.