Wednesday, 3 September 2014

First Day at Nursery



Today was the first day at nursery(well… first hour, as they do staggered time to get the children used to the time without parents etc.).

Both Supergirl and Miss Martian loved it, they’re both in different groups (Miss Martian in the Green Group, Supergirl in the Yellow Group) but have also time together.

I was very surprised that they both chose to have snacks at different tables, so would say the “split” is probably a good idea to develop more individually.

I was glad to hear that Miss Martian’s nursery teacher is also left handed, so she will be able to show her how to use scissors etc. with her left hand!! Open-mouthed smile 

Miss Martian was all in puddles after the 1 hour – she didn’t want to leave!!!

Despite it not being our first choice nursery, it seems to be a nice one, and I think they will settle in nicely.

Tomorrow we’re at nursery for 1.5 hours, and I think I will skip out for a bit to do some shopping (today I was shown the nursery and got all the info needed I think, and had about 15 mins in the parent room).

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