Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sorting out scrapbooks (to be done)

1) Wedding album (09/2001) – original photos printed
2) Honeymoon album (09/2001 – 10/2001) – printed photos (35mm) in boxes + some photos in CM album, need reprint from negatives
3) Orlando/Florida/Disney albums (several, from 1999 until 2009, printed and digital photos)
4) Chicago/Minnesota/Green Bay album 2002 (?)
5) Several Edinburgh Wolves albums (2002/2003 done, 2004- end of 2009 to be done) – most likely digital album
6) Clansmen albums (2010 – 2011) – Digital
7) Twins first year album – digi photos
8) Germany trips album/s – several, digi and paper photos
9) UK trips – London & Bath plus Scottish destinations
10) “Road to baby/s” album
11) Our Eastern Med cruise in 2007 album
And that’s just the stuff I have so far by skimming through my MASSES of digital photos!! Surprised smile
Annual albums – have to sort through existing layouts for that (from my photos of layouts I realise that I must have an album with layouts somewhere that I haven’t found yet since moving scrap area from now nursery to not yet new study.). Then have to figure out how many pages in the annual albums are ok of the same theme before I am giving the theme its own album?
What DO YOU put in an annual album? Project Life not working for me, so will just do the normal scrapping … but am a bit flummoxed. Have been thinking of “Review of month” pages, too, but haven’t done anything yet. Back to reading prompts on Shimelle’s Cover to Cover forum.

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