Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Looking into photos …

My photos are all over the place, not really the best system. Not for back-ups, either. Surprised smile Got photos on my laptop (which are about 95% on either my big PC or the external HDD as well though), lots on my big PC, which are about 75% backed up on the external HDD. And the photos from my new mobile are now on Dropbox, too.

I’m currently looking into getting a photo library software (hopefully free) which lets me add comments to each folder with info as to where/what/who is on the photos. So far I’m not lucky though, shame really. I’m partly using Windows Live Photo Gallery and the other part is Picasa – which software are you using?

Also – while I’ve not been scrapping much in the last 1.5 years, the only layouts I’ve done is about the girls, so getting a bit “fed up” of baby photos (and I haven’t even scrapped much of their first year!). Now had a look at some photos I’ve taken pre-twins, like ALL Florida photos (several trips), our wedding/honeymoon, our cruise in 2007 … unfortunately found that I barely took notes of any of the events. Thought my blog would help me at least with the cruise, but there’s not ONE BIT about it on here. Surprised smile And I don’t think NYC has been much documented, either. Waaaaaaaah!!!

How do you do document bits for scrapbooking? I’m not the best person for running around with notepad and pen in the change bag (partly because I forget, partly because the “Hobbitses” get into pens and paper for either chewing, ripping apart or drawing)… and have to admit that I haven’t been updating my blog much as I’m too fixed on Facebook (and even that doesn’t give me much info on updates).

And how do you deal with your photos? Do you use online backup places? I’m shying away from them because of money at the moment … and the fact that I have TONS of photos … just checked my Picasa web album, and I’ve got lots of football (American) albums there… Surprised smile 

MMmmmh… think I’ll read up a bit on Shimelle’s forum in Cover to Cover for album organisation etc to get some inspirations…

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Alison said...

I rely on my memory for journaling...though the blog is helpful for that too...I backup my pics on an HDD and sometimes on Photobucket...Dropbox is on list of things to explore!
Alison xx