Saturday, 22 September 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2012 Round-up

Ok, here all in one go, so Rinda can make sure I’ve not made any errors or left anything out. Smile 

1. A pier

2. A clothesline

3. A border

4. A roadside stand selling something

5. A train

6. A historical landmark

7. A person playing a musical instrument

8. A person dressed as an angel or a statue of an angel

9. A fountain










10. A horse

11. A shadow

12. A maze, labyrinth, or trail.

13. A library

14. A person playing with a ball.

15. Someone dancing.

“Miss Martian” having a wee dance with Daddy at the Botanics

16. A bride.

17. A church, chapel, cathedral, mosque or temple.

18. A movie poster

19. An outdoor stairway

20. A swing hanging from a tree (or a hammock)


21.  A picture of you standing with something that symbolizes your nation.

003 004

Substitute Item (new this year):  If you find any of the above too hard, you may substitute a photograph of either a heart-shaped stone or a four leaf clover for one item; however, you may not substitute this item for #21.

USED FOR ITEM 20 (Tree swing or Hammock – not around here!!):


Not a heart-shaped stone but a stone heart – The Heart of Midlothian on The Royal Mile. Smile 

So, that’s it from me for the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt 2012. I have to say I’ve seen places in Edinburgh I never been to before, so thank you very much, Rinda, for that experience. Was wondering if you are doing a Winter / Christmas one? If not, I am happy to run one. Open-mouthed smile 


boysmum2 said...

I love your heart stone, so beautiful. Lovely pictures, well done

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the picture of you with the haggis!

JulieJ said...

Hurray for Haggis!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I've loved watching what my friend has been posting over at boysmum2.

I so need to do something like to get out more. I'm in love with the fountains!

Thanks for following, I'm your newest follower. alp