Friday, 8 June 2012


Yeah… just checked my blogger account and realised I didn’t post anything for over a month now (including the 10 on the 10th in May). Could blame it all on the twins, but that would be unfair … it’s more likely to be my other online time (really have to cut back on that!). In short – I blame Facebook Games (again) – and will have to do something about it. Maybe a Facebook free week? Or shall we start slowly … Facebook free day/weekend? Maybe even include a whole “online” thing? Could I survive?!?

Things here are going up and down, girls are getting a bit of a hang on that weaning issue though we still have to get them to eat more lumpy food – weird really, they like their finger foods and it can be as lumpy as it gets, yet some spoon fed lumpy food they don’t like. But I’ll persevere, as our HV said if you don’t get it done by 12 months you’ll have even more problems getting the hang of that. NICE!

We all (including DH and myself) are suffering from colds, Miss Martian has now passed on the nasty cough to Supergirl as it seems, although the latter coughs differently and it sounds even worse. Runny noses all along, plus Supergirl having obtained a thrush which is hopefully the reason for unexplained constant waking up during the night, crying when being put down to sleep and not liking the bottle.

Last week we explored the garden a bit (well… I placed them on a blanket on the grass, not much exploring happening just yet, although Supergirl was VERY interested in the grass and got off the blanket from time to time), and the girls were allowed a bit outside of the “Thunderdome” (our take on a ball pit/play area that keeps them – so far but not for long! – contained in one place), but the living room is not 100% baby proofed yet, and both girls started crawling at speed – specially Supergirl who up to now only managed to crawl backwards!


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Alison said...

Lovely update on life, Kat...where does the time go when you have babies in the house?!
Alison xx