Saturday, 3 December 2011


Yup – similar to last year me thinks – not really very Christmassy around here yet, no deco apart from the Advent wreath with the candles, the Advent Calendar Candle and the door wreath. Everything else is still in the loft.

Not sure why, apart from having 18 weeks old twins (and last year was pregnant with said twins).

Baked a stollen, so that’s a step forward, but somehow I don’t feel very Christmassy, and DH’s scroogey behaviour doesn’t help much (neither does his being made redundant middle of November).

And with all that, OF COURSE I’m behind with Shimelle’s JYC. Had hoped to do an album (even prepared some pages at the November Crop), then got realistic and said I’d at least do the daily blogging, but even that didn’t happen. Haven’t done ONE SINGLE ENTRY – be it on here or on paper!!! Nothing! Nix! Nada! Tomorrow is Day 4 of JYC…

Hope this will change soon – can’t believe tomorrow is already the 2nd Advent!

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Alison said...

I reckon 18 wk old twins are enough to keep you busy!
Alison xx