Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I just love it, and this year we had even more kids around than usual. Glad to see so many younger kids with their parents, and Doug can’t wait for the girls to be old enough to go “guising” = kids have to do something to earn their sweets – a joke/dance or similar – Doug prefers this to standard “Trick or treat”, and the amount of kids asking right out for money was next to nothing this year I think.

Have been sewing the twins’ costumes, didn’t give myself enough time to do it properly, and it’s been a while since I touched my sewing machine, so the outfits are a bit of a dog’s dinner. Suppose, they look ok as long as you don’t turn over the girls (I can’t measure correctly either, apparently – didn’t allow enough fabric for the “skirts”).

So … here they are in their secret identities!! Kara on the right, Megan on the left.
halloween 2011
And yes … their parents are total geeks. Winking smile

And now the usual Halloween addendum:
“Hallo Ian”–still funny as!! :D

Looking forward to lots of years of the twins dressing up and starting guising!

Hope you all had a nice Halloween.


Lynz said...

Don't worry, you'll get better at the costume making with practise. And let's face it, with TWO wee guisers you're gonna have A LOT of practise! *g* They look fab, though, the wee pets!

Alison said...

'Guising'! there's a word i haven't heard in years!! I remember being absolutely stunned the first Halloween when we moved to NE England, and the kids didn't come in and do a 'party piece'!!
Alison xx