Monday, 10 October 2011

10 Things on the 10th

Ok, seems I’m doing this every other month maybe. Winking smile

I was thinking a lot about things I did in my kiddyhood and teens that my girls won’t be able to do (for whatever reason).

  1. See a movie at a drive-in cinema (the one I’d been to was closed and is now derelict since about middle of the 90’s I think)
  2. Camping with friends on a patch of land in the cul-de-sac (now it’s all in back gardens only)
  3. Go for a midnight walk in the woods during aforementioned camping (parents wouldn’t allow camping outwith house boundaries nowadays – lots of scare about abduction etc)
  4. Go for midnight swimming during aforementioned midnight walk (doubt there are any pools available and it’s too much scare for kids to do this now)
  5. Get fresh water for your tea in a well in the hills (not sure if the one in my area in Germany still exists, but don’t know of any around here really)
  6. Regular street parties with neighbours (does anyone do that around here? We had that regularly, and it was absolute fun!!)
  7. Camping holidays with driving from home to Croatia ( a) hubby doesn’t like camping and b) driving from Scotland would be a bit extreme!!)
  8. Taking the bike across the city to get to the swimming pool – by yourself (sorry, girls, the traffic is worse nowadays, with lots of idiots around!!).
  9. Travelling across the German/German border – that was a scary thing to do, lots of sniffer dogs around, we always felt weird going to and coming from our relatives in the old GDR (DDR). They did have a funny way of collecting your passports mind – reminded me of miniature ski lifts!!! Shame we never took photos of that (but that was probably forbidden anyway!!)!!
  10. Going into the woods with my mum, “mushroom hunting” and collecting chestnuts!! A fab adventure, we did that every autumn! Now that my mum’s not been on the mushroom hunt for years, and we don’t have really the woods for it anywhere near (oh, how I miss the taste of fresh porcini mushrooms we found!).

Well… that’s me. If you want to see more of the “10 things on the 10th” lists, have a look at Shimelle’s blog here. Smile


Beverly said...

Kat, What a great idea for a Tenth pos, I think I'll put it in my prompt journal for one months when I am clueless of what to do :) The world is certainly different from my childhood...of course we rode our bikes behind the mosquito spray truck so change can be a good thing lol

Alison said...

Thinking back to my own childhood the world has indeed changed...great list!
Alison xx