Sunday, 22 May 2011

Still a bit of a quiet weekend

After a very dodgy tum yesterday and me having to skip the crop (*not nice!*) I’m still staying in bed for most today but am helping DH with the clearing out of the new study. How? I’m currently going through a huge lot of First Downs (the now defunct weekly British American Football Newspaper) which I got from a friend so I could get articles from the Wolves for the Scrapbooks.

Right now I’m cutting out stuff about the Wolves, some about the Claymores and a few about the Clansmen. Smile  Who knows when they’re getting scrapped, but at least the clippings will take much less space than the newspaper issues!!! BILD0089
(The picture shows only batch 2 out of 3!!)

Also will try to post some things on eBay today, given it’s free listing day and I didn’t feel up for it yesterday.

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