Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Girl Power!!!

I *might* have mentioned before that I am kinda a “Shimelle-a-holic” when it comes to her classes. Smile I have checked today and out of the classes she’s offered over the years I only haven’t signed up for 4 so far – and due to life (in the past IVF and football) getting in the way I haven’t finished one yet (but am planning to finish maybe a few bits and bobs provided the twins stick close to their due date!!).

Anyway, Shimelle is doing her bit for charity today. I’ve copied paragraphs from the e-newsletter I get from her below.

Today, 100% of class registrations will be donated to The Girls' Fund from charity Plan-UK, to help educate girls who need our help.

If you've ever thought about signing up for a class or gifting a class to a friend, today you can get all the advantages of taking a class with the big added bonus of knowing 100% of the class price is going to help girls go to school and break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

As scrapbookers, we are pretty lucky girls indeed.  And I know our girl power can help some girls who really need it!

Read all about it here.

So – if you’re a scrapbooker, go and have a look at Shimelle’s classes. I can recommend all the ones I’ve done so far, and because the classes are done in pdf-format style you can do them whenever you want (apart from maybe the Journal your Christmas one due to its theme).

Given that we’re going to have 2 girls (90% certain – sorry Nikki, if you read this, but eventually you’d find out anyway! Winking smile ) in the next couple of months, I had to support this. And I hope you will too.

And just because I haven’t posted anything from the 20-week-scan yet (which is really bad, given that I’ve got my 28-week-scan on Monday!!) I leave you with this:



Joanne said...

Loving the scans hunny, and off to browse shimelles classes!

Lynz said...

Oh, so they're really Chipette and Chapess! Wonderful!!