Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Gunky Cranky Days….

Can’t believe I got that stupid cold for 1.5 weeks already … or can I?! It started off with a very sore throat during the night of the 13th, then my body decided to add sinusitis about mid-week, and from Friday (when, incidentally, I woke up with fever of 38.8 – I NEVER get fever!!!) a dry/hacking cough arrived.

Managed to get an appointment with one of the GPs at my practice on Friday and got my knuckles rapped because I didn’t make an earlier appointment so they could figure out if it’s a viral or bacterial infection. D’UH! I’ve been told not to bother with doc’s appointments for a “common cold” with sore throat unless it takes more than 6 days to go away … and considering the time spans I get from my GPs for appointments (the past couple of months it’s between 5 and 7 days!) I really didn’t bother.

And YES, I am CRANKY!!! :(  Fed up with NHS for the timeframes etc. (come on … being told the next appointment is not available until next week when you phone because of migraine/tension headaches????   That’s only an example btw, don’t have migraines, but the interrupted sleep/hacking cough resulted in tension headaches when I woke up – and they’re still there.). And I am annoyed at my body to throw Sinusitis, head colds and migraines at me for the last weeks since I got my diploma!! And usually at my days off, so I CAN’T EVEN DO WHAT I WANT TO DO!!!! HMPH!

I hope to be able to do some stuff this afternoon, hopefully being ok for work tomorrow or at least Thursday. Need to be fit for Sunday – either going down to Durham with the Clansmen for an away game or being at the Wolves v Mavs scrimmage at home. :)

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