Monday, 4 April 2016

Let's do an update, shall we??

The aspirations for 2016 were....


  • Get a part time job after summer (a bit at least ... to get back into my being "Kat" and not "mummy/mami/mum" etc. )
    Actually... Doctor suggested to take 3-6 months out from anything really once girls started school (daily tension headaches have returned ... but I AM looking for a part time job for later this year!!). 
  • Lose another stone (or 1.5 ... we'll see)
    Bit stuck since WW changed from ProPoints to Smart Points ... but hopefully will get there eventually...
  • Declutter the house
    After Con and holiday... 
  • paint living room/get new couch
    That'll be on the plan for June/July
  • sort out girls' "play room" on middle floor
    That'll be on the plan for June/July
  • Declutter crafts/get craft room/study set up
    Hoping to get that started this Friday ... will be a long ongoing thing for the year...
  • More Geocaching with the girls!
    Definitely will do that... it's on the plan and we've done a bit more already.
Crafting goals/aspirations
  • 52 scrapbook layouts in 2016 (I think I can manage that ... I think I've done about 12 max per year since the girls were born... :o )
    Ummmm... done 1 layout so far... but hopefully get some more done this month... ;) 
  • Doctor Who Stitchalong Quilt
    After May
  • Harry Potter/Fandom bookshelf quilt
    After May
  • Disney Princesses/Winnie the Pooh pillows/quilts for the girls
    Hopefully in June/July with at least pillows done for girls' birthday.
  • DC Quilt or something for hubby
    After May
  • Learn to double-knit and make a scarf for myself (and maybe one for the girls and hubby, too).
    Maybe get to look into that and learn basics this month, but scarves will have to wait til later.
  • USE MY STASH (ok... a couple of purchases are allowed)
    Yup... doing that already.
  • Make sure to restock KatsGeekKrafts leisurely and not with a big push before ComicCon
    Was a bit more of a big push, but more leisurely than for last year's ComicMart!!
  • Restock KatsGeekKrafts for the ComicMart in November without rush (let's try that one again, shall we? ;) )
  • Most likely make favours for my BIL's wedding in September
  • Make a baby blanket or something for Susan & Scott who expect their first child in October. Wonder if she'd mind something Ninja Turtles (Scott would LOVE that one ;) )?!? Well, I'll find out what theme I should go for. 
  • TM Patch Swaps ... easily done and I like them. 
Well... it's not looking too bad, is it? ;) 

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