Monday, 11 January 2016

Ok... here we go.... Aspirations for 2016

We don't do New Year resolutions in our household ... but aspirations are fine. ;)

Soooo .... what are the plans/aspirations for 2016??


  • Get a part time job after summer (a bit at least ... to get back into my being "Kat" and not "mummy/mami/mum" etc. )
  • Lose another stone (or 1.5 ... we'll see)
  • Declutter the house
  • paint living room/get new couch
  • sort out girls' "play room" on middle floor
  • Declutter crafts/get craft room/study set up
  • More Geocaching with the girls! 
Crafting goals/aspirations
  • 52 scrapbook layouts in 2016 (I think I can manage that ... I think I've done about 12 max per year since the girls were born... :o )
  • Doctor Who Stitchalong Quilt
  • Harry Potter/Fandom bookshelf quilt
  • Disney Princesses/Winnie the Pooh pillows/quilts for the girls
  • DC Quilt or something for hubby
  • Learn to double-knit and make a scarf for myself (and maybe one for the girls and hubby, too). 
  • USE MY STASH (ok... a couple of purchases are allowed)
  • Make sure to restock KatsGeekKrafts leisurely and not with a big push before ComicCon and ComicMart

Well... that's the idea for aspirations at least. Might get changed/added, but that's the outline... ;) Looks actually a bit daunting... :o 

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Alison said...

Happy New Year Kat....good luck with that lot! Xx