Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Panic!!!

Welcome to the annual "OH SH... Sugar, it's only 10 days to Christmas and I haven't done ANYTHING yet!!!" post ... ;)

Well... the 2 packages to Germany have been sent in time at least (that COULD have been prevented, had I started the presents maybe in November???! Then I could have taken the presents with me on our trip (and sent one internally there and hand off the others)).

And we baked one batch of cookies (well... I made the dough, the girls did the mixing, started helping with the cutting out and then both got evicted from helping due to not following instructions despite being told 3 times each)...

I've got 2 to 4 handmade presents to do (depending if the girls get their Disney Princesses PJs now or for their birthday). And maybe some cards for family and maybe for (crafty) friends (at least I had the foresight to obtain their addresses).

Also was hoping to make at least 2 more batches of cookies (might be more) and a Stollen (this year only 1 ... 2 would be excessive ... but maybe for guests?).

Then tidy the house and get decorations up...

Journal your Christmas/December Daily ... what's that???? I've started writing down some thoughts for each day, but haven't done any JYC yet, so that's hopefully some catch up too.

Oh... and then there's Twin entertainment ... like their Wriggly Nativity on Wednesday (bang goes my 3 hours at home to do something there), going swimming on Thursday, they probably want to go to the Drumbrae Library Hub for another Crafty Friday again ... and on Tuesday is their last day at nursery!!

And the tree needs picking up on Saturday morning!!

Doug and I are going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Friday evening with the girls being at the Grandparents for a sleepover, and I was actually wanting to pop into town for a bit shopping (preferably WITHOUT the twins) and I actually had hoped to go to the gym again for a bit...

Personally, I blame the Comic Mart (ok, could  have planned/done the work from September/October onwards....) and the family trip to Germany (can't do anything about it ... it's too short and too much packed in though! ;) ).

Will try to update my progress ... if there is any.. ;)

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