Friday, 2 January 2015

December has been...

... and of course I've done nothing in way of JYC 2014 ... ;) BUT - I won't stress about it this time. I've not been blogging, but I managed to make some Christmas presents using the Silhouette, and also whipped up some arm warmers for my big sis in only 2 nights! :)

First of all - hubby's present ... matching the Hoody I've done in November (well.. still have to sew ribbon on it).


Then new napkins with initials for MIL:


BIL's new place mats & coasters


And big sis' hand warmers

2014-12-16 23.50.37
(going to make a set for myself this year! They're very cosy!)

And then presents for Tante Patsy and the respective grandparentals in both countries from the girls... (including our little visitor "Huggle" from down south)

2014-12-15 21.33.51






Else ... Christmas kinda sneaked up on us again, most decorations went up halfway through December, and the whole baking thing didn't really happen until Christmas Eve either ... :o

I will definitely set alarms for the baking for this year - Stollen to be done beginning/mid November!!! :)

Lots of quality time with friends and family, good food, and presents that will be used!! :)


.... and ... mmmh... I turned 40. ;) Might post a bit more about that later. ;)

Off again to relax a bit more ... high winds and intermittent bad rain has caused headache attack for today.


Maybe... just maybe ... I will blog more this year! ;)

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Heather said...

Impressive amount of personalised home-made gifts! A very belated Happy 40th Birthday to you. I hope you had fun celebrating.