Monday, 24 February 2014

Still alive–not much kicking though…

Haven’t been sleeping too well for quite some time (Doc apt tomorrow) and just feel very exhausted .. no, wait, that’s not right … I just don’t feel refreshed after a 7 hour sleep. Sometimes it’s due to the twins waking me during the night, but I can’t use them as excuse for the whole time. Headaches have increased again, too (only 1 migraine so far though, touch wood), which concerns DH quite a bit. I suspect it’s just linked to not sleeping too great.

Still getting out and about with the girls, today we were in the garden for a bit (both have colds … just waiting to catch that one myself), watering a lot of grass and compost… Winking smile 

2014-02-24 14.02.392014-02-24 14.02.30

And yesterday we were swimming for a bit. It’s amazing how the girls go from leaps to bounds in the water, can’t wait visiting my family again where the pools are a bit more …mmmh… kid/family friendly. Smile 

Friday I got to hold a 9-week-old twin at the BBT to give the mummy a bit of a tea break. Nice feeling, but barely can remember the feel of the girls at that age … huh!

Thursday we went to meet with another set of twins at Craigie’s, and the girls are just getting more and more interested in that Tractor! Winking smile 

2014-02-20 14.51.132014-02-20 14.38.58

Wednesday was a meet up with friends at Toots Cafe – think both Toots & Craigie’s will be on my list for go-tos for future outings.

Right now I’m reading the prompts and forum posts of Shimelle’s “Cover to Cover” – I’m really keen to look further into that, although I have to say I haven’t been scrapping much in 2013. Really need to prep more kit bags so I can scrap something in the evenings when the girls are in bed…

Right … now another request to read a book… Hopefully will post more regularly again now… (hah… might believe that myself .. LOL).

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Alison said...

Great pics of your growing girls...hope the headaches improve!
Alison xx