Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Ok ok, I know… I said something this year about blogging more… and yet I haven’t posted anything since the Photo Scavenger Hunt! Surprised smile How bad of me!

Even worse as I realised that I don’t do a quick update for (scrap) important things on Facebook either, so my journaling will be bad for some pages, unless I can get my brain in gear somehow.

Will try my best regarding blogging from now on. At least once a week, like a catch up. How does that sound? And in December it’s Shimelle’s “Journal your Christmas” again, so that will probably even get a daily blog entry.

Let’s see how that goes as “promise” for the blogging… send me a nudge if I don’t do at least weekly updates, will you, please? Smile 

Quick update: Hubby decided (just like that, with abundance of trust in his crafty wife) that the Hobbits will be Jawas this year Halloween.  So I bought some brown fleece beginning of October (!!!) when my mum was here. 

Did I sew the girls costumes? Did I JS!! Left it to the last minute (the twin club had their annual Halloween Party last Saturday), and didn’t even see the full outfit on, as the girls were staying over at the grandparents Friday nights, so I could sew the hoods ok.

I then helped out with the setting up of the party and DH picked up the girls (and put them into their costumes). I was nearly in tears when I saw them running up to me, the costumes came out much much much better than I thought!! Open-mouthed smile Shame I didn’t leave enough seam allowance to the sides (length is not a problem), so they won’t wear it next year.

And now for some cutesy overload! Open-mouthed smileHave to give Hubby credit for the “weapon belts”, and the cute little Yoda loaned the girls the lightsaber. Guess what’s on the list for Christmas!!


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