Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Yesterday and today really struggling with the back pain/pain in the right hip. It’s now going that far that my back seizes up when I’m standing up/walking too long. Really weird, but probably linked to my lumbar lordosis.

Not sure how pronounced it is but carrying twins is not really helping the matter.

As for walking – geesh, I’m walking tiny steps, joined the slow walking brigade and had several older colleagues overtake me on the way to the printer/photocopier – fun day for them! Winking smile  It’s quite scary, as if I cannot stride out much anymore, but that’s probably because of the pain etc. Got my antenatal physio appt on Monday after scan & Twin Clinic in the morning, so hopefully that will sort things out. I just want to know what it is (options are Sciatica – but don’t have the pain going down the back – and Pelvic Girdle Pain, me thinks) and what exercises I can do for it. 

Last Wednesday I tried to do some laps in the pool before Aquanatal, but my body is definitely NOT doing breaststroke anymore! Have to re-learn front crawl now… any tips how to do that? Last time I did it was at the age of about 8 I think!! Always preferred breaststroke….

Well shattered today, even when I woke up I felt like just going back to sleep (still getting up to frequent the loo 3-5 times per night, and with Twins that won’t change I think – and the getting up from bed with hip/back pain is not that easy!!), and having a good lunch (Los Argentinos with “The Ladies who lunch” from work) probably didn’t help much on that. Winking smile  Here’s hope to a better sleep with less switching from side to side because of hip pain – although lying on the left side seems to affect the right hip (the one with sciatica/PGP) as well, so not sure how/why? Gravity issues?


Joanne said...

Sorry to hear your having pains, cant help with the swimming I'm afraid as I never worked out the breathing for crawl :)
Hope your appointment goes well.

Latharia said...

Ugh. I hope that something slips the right direction & you're in significantly less pain, SOON!!!!

C D said...

Thinking good thoughts and hoping your pain(s) ease up!! And did I ever say CONGRATS on being pregnant?!?!? So Happy For You!!! ♥