Friday, 25 March 2011

Huh? Time?

HUH! Just realised I haven’t posted on here since beginning of February… UNBELIEVABLE!!! Could have bet that I did post the odd update, but doesn’t seem so.

Well… quick update right now (in between 2 courses of dinner) – I’m doing ok, so do “Chip & Chap”. Actually, they do better than me, I’d suspect. I developed lower back pain, which is due to my lordosis. And in the last 2 weeks I seem to have developed sciatica (well.. that’s what I guess – don’t have an ante natal physio appt until 11 April!!) which causes trouble when getting up from sitting or lying.

So … not the most comfortable.

Trousers get a bit tight and I need to get some maternity trousers for work and maybe another pair of maternity jeans. I *did* buy a pair of maternity trousers at Mothercare, but either the sizing is not working out (go for the normal size and then take the maternity trousers) or they use different sizing (which seems to be normal in this country that shops have different sizing!!).

Ok … hope to post a bit more regularly in future, but for now I’m off to have my salad!! Open-mouthed smile

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N. said...

Du hast bei mir wegen der Diplomarbeitumfrage kommentiert, ich kann Dir die Frage aber leider nicht beantworten, vielleicht wendest du dich damit besser direkt an Nina? Sorry :-(