Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween's been cancelled!!

After getting annoyed by a cold the whole week I've finally succumbed to it ... sinusitis, sore throat and that annoyed scratchy cough (which I think is due to the sore & irritated throat, but of course the doc won't do anything as it's not affecting my lungs and therefore my asthma).

Managed to go to the Halloween Horror Hop (Ceroc) yesterday ok, but flagged after midnight and should have known today is just not my day. Still managed to go and see "Burke & Hare" with Nikki, Anna, Dave & Doug, but now ... Halloween is cancelled for me, no candies at our house this year.

Feeling a bit off as I ALWAYS had Halloween on the 31st since we moved to our house ... either at home with pumpkin carving & candies for kids, or going to Orlando.  :(

Ah well... I leave you with this instead ... thanks to Nikki for reminding me of it on FB! :)

(we'd seen this actually last year live at the Edinburgh Fringe)

And we decided I'll be carving pumpkins for Friday (Bonfire Night with friends around).

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Joanne said...

Hope your feeling better by bonfire night. Loved the falsetto Socks! not seen them before.