Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Still here... just busy ... and laptop broken...

... and I'm most days at the gym or dancing in the evenings, so really don't get onto the "big" PC that much... Lazy, I know. ;)

Hope to be able to update the blog a bit soon though. Just hang in there pls. :)

Have also signed up for yet another class from Shimelle, it's her "Learn Something New Every Day" from Wednesday throughout September. I did sign up to her "Love your Pictures, Love your Pages" class but only close to the end so will catch up with that once the Wolves season is over .... ;)

And considering I'll step down in my capacity as Club Secretary and general dog's body for the club by the end of the season (will only take photos IF and WHEN I WANT!) I should have more time ... Will concentrate fully on my University Team, the Stirling Clansmen from September/October on ... it's only photography for them (and baking ... how did that happen??? ;) ) and it's a league that's running over autumn/winter which means we'll be able to book our holidays when we want!! :D WAHEY!!

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