Blog Revial - keep me sane in time of Covid 19

Sporadic posting on blogs unless you use it for tutorials etc is normal in times of Instagram and Facebook.

And it seems that during times of hardship I pick up my blog again.

Last time it was during Brexit, but that was just one post with the final result, and that was it.

However, now that our schools are closed from Monday and my work being put on hold, but I don't know anything yet really, we may be called in for work depending on the plans for schools to help vulnerable students and helping students to reach a certain degree.

The problem is: nobody knows! There are special teams in place at council level to find solutions and make plans.

My boss told me we would get an email next week. I've got my work laptop here just in case.

Things last week have been very stressful, with my team setting up teams for year groups and individual classes ... but nothing was really made official until later in the week.

Wednesday to yesterday was a frantic preparing paper copies for students who don't have access to the remote learning option. And to finish off setting up teams.

The twins are underlying worried about Covid 19, but right now it feels like a normal weekend for them (apart from not meeting with friends, going to Gravity or swimming at the Leisure Centre). I think things will properly hit maybe end of next week, when it doesn't feel like part of a holiday.

I'm mentally totally exhausted. Didn't have the best sleep Thursday and Friday, so yesterday I went to bed at 8pm, watched some TV and nodded off at 10. Still feeling exhausted ... and dreading what will come really with 24/7 all family in our house.

I have so many plans for the time of school closure and being cooped up, which include crafting, decluttering/tidying, catching up on ironing, (re)learning to play the guitar and of course all the home schooling we're supposed to do.

However... right now my brain and body need a break. I am planning to just relax! Some people might not get that, but that's exactly what my body and mind need right now!

So... onto some brain dump blog posts - expect a lot of chaos of ideas/plans etc. ;)

It's effectly for ME... to keep me sane!


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